Winner of the Going Circular Award at the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.

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Wishbone Design Studio are the winners of the Going Circular Award at the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.

The Going Circular Award, sponsored by Auckland Council, is presented to an organisation that is making demonstrable progress towards going circular – that means designing products or services to help create a circular economy in New Zealand.

In its inaugural year, this award category attracted the highest number of entrants of any category in the 15 year history of the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Wishbone Design Studio demonstrates an exemplar approach to circularity. Their bikes for children are designed to maximise longevity by being adjustable for the child as he or she grows doing away with the need for different sized plastic strollers and trikes. The useful lifecycle of the bikes is further extended by providing customers with the ability to repair them easily due to a modular design and the supply of spare parts and encouraging multiple (2nd; 3rd, 4rd, 5th …… hand) resales. Wishbone Design Studio has also created the first multi-functional balance bike for children aged one to six, made from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet. The judges were impressed by the company’s demonstrable commitment to creating a more circular economy and their ability to constantly innovate.

The Judges also recognised two other finalists with Commendations; Ethique and Eco Stock.

Since 2012, Ethique has been producing solid beauty bars as a compostable, plastic free alternative for personal health care. The ingredients are sustainable and biodegradable, and the packaging is uncoated, recycled, compostable cardboard boxes.

Each year 50 million plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner are used and disposed of in New Zealand. On average only 20% of people recycle their personal care packaging, resulting in over 750 tonnes of plastic headed to landfill every year.

Ethique has found a solution for avoiding plastic in an industry that is commonly known for over- packaging. To date, Ethique has prevented the production and disposal of over 170,000 bottles, with the goal of one million by 2020.

EcoStock Supplies Ltd takes more than 10 large truckloads a day of pre-consumer food waste and turns it into high-grade food products for animal feed.

Food and beverage manufacturers, importers, processors, retailers, warehousing and transport operators generate food waste as a by-product of their business activities. The food becomes waste when it doesn’t meet standards for human consumption. It may be out-of-date, damaged, surplus, or the result of manufacturing errors.

The company collects food waste from commercial customers’ sites and brings it to its Wiri plant for processing. Most of this food is in multiple layers of packaging. So EcoStock Supplies uses manual and mechanised means to separate the packaging and prevent it from contaminating the stockfeed.

The initiative enables more than 175 New Zealand businesses to divert 30,000 tonnes a year of industrial food waste from being buried in a landfill. Over 2000 tonnes of cardboard, plastic, metal and wood is recycled.

Congratulations to all Finalists in the Going Circular category for your commitment to making NZ a more circular country.


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