CEMO Case Study - Kokako Organic Coffee Roastery

main image.jpeg

In mid-2017 Kokako needed to find new premises as their old roastery site had been purchased by a developer who wanted the site back for redevelopment.

A site was found at 9 Charles Street in Mount Eden which was an ex-engineering warehouse built in the 1970’s. They engaged their business partner Chris Stevens of CTRL Space to assist in a two stage project.

Stage One was to successfully relocate the roaster and provision for utilities so they could ensure continuity of business.

Stage two involved the construction of a mezzanine office inside the existing warehouse with the ground floor addition under the mezzanine of a barista training room/showroom, meeting room, toilet and shower amenities, staff kitchen and laboratory/office.

They managed to salvage two large pieces of window joinery and a large amount of flooring which could be re-used in their new structure. Where new products needed to be purchased for the build they ensured that during the procurement they sourced sustainable products with a long term life and re-use or adaptability functions. They also sourced a significant amount of building products (such as some doors and joinery) from a salvage yard in Auckland. 

barista training room, showroom and entrance

The front door was salvaged from a home in West Auckland, the coat rack, bench seat, retail shelving are all existing items. The cabinetry is a kitset from Bunnings and the stainless top was custom fabricated by long term local supplier RH King & Sons in Morningside. On the walls we show images from our trips to PNG to showcase our commitment to Fairtrade coffee cooperatives. The walls are lined with sustainable and fast-growing NZ poplar which was sourced from a local Auckland timer merchant and locally milled.


The window joinery for the level one mezzanine was re-purposed from the original office that was demolished when we first moved in. Unfortunately most of the old walls and doors from the old structure were not usable as they did not meet modern code of compliance and building guidelines. The double doors in the bottom left of the image (click image to see) were re-purposed from the same west Auckland house that we sourced the front door from.

bike rack

We installed 3 bike racks and a shower to encourage our staff to ride to work. The window in the shot was re-purposed from the original lunchroom that was demolished when we first moved in.