Fuji Xerox

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Fuji Xerox New Zealand was the first company within their industry in New Zealand to have their Product Stewardship Scheme accredited by the Minister for the Environment in 2015 and is now the first in the industry to improve their Scheme.

“A majority of our customers now expect us to take back our products so we are delighted to say it has become an industry norm. We see product stewardship as the first step to a circular economy. Partnering with our customers and suppliers enables us to drive innovation and ultimately support a circular economy within New Zealand”

– Emma Harding, Risk & Compliance Manager, Sustainability & Circular Economy, Fuji Xerox New Zealand

Fuji Xerox’s products are specifically designed for recovery, reuse and, ultimately, to be recycled at end of life. Reflecting their zero-waste-to-landfill philosophy, the company undertakes to recover all Fuji Xerox-branded end-of-life equipment and toner cartridges from customers. Reusable equipment is given a second life as reconditioned ‘eco machines’ and as quality spare parts.

At end of life all equipment collected from customers is recycled, achieving a recycling rate of over 99.5%  year-on-year (verified by the Ministry for the Environment).

“Our Product Stewardship Scheme enables us to divert more than 700 tonnes of E-waste from landfill annually. It gives us the opportunity to refurbish our equipment and repurpose materials, creating a saving for the environment and for our bottom line.”

– Peter Thomas, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox New Zealand

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 Fuji Xerox recently announced further improvements to their Scheme

“At Fuji Xerox New Zealand we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability performance. We have listened to our customers and recognise that our free used toner cartridge collection and recycling service needs to evolve to become more efficient and better reflect our customers’ needs.

In addressing this, we are now collaborating with Close the Loop, a fellow champion of the circular economy, and helping reduce the carbon footprint of Australian roads by up to 23%.”

For more information visit: http://fujixerox.closetheloop.co.nz/ and check out the film below: