The Circular Economy 101 and Opportunities Workshop

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This is a special half day workshop dedicated to dialing your business into the circular economy.

Together we will:

• Define what the circular economy is

• Establish exactly why it is crucial to the success of your business

• Map your business against the circular economy

• Identify your key circular opportunities

• Determine pathways that you can implement to make the most of those opportunities and develop more

The workshop is based on the well-established RESOLVE framework – six action areas for businesses wanting to move towards a circular economy, created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It draws on all the experience of the Sustainable Business Network’s Circular Economy Accelerator.

This includes the knowledge behind The Circular Economy Model Office, The Circular Economy Opportunity for Auckland report, New Zealand’s Plastic Packaging System Report and The Guide to Going Circular. It also includes SBN’s more than 15 years’ experience in delivering sustainability assessments and advice. We also draw on multiple relevant case studies from New Zealand and overseas.

All for an investment of $3,900 plus GST.

We recommend the attendance of your leadership team.

Email or call James Griffin on 021 686 155 now to find out more and book your session.