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Circular Economy News

What if the circular economy is the best news we’ve heard in our lifetimes?

Andy Kenworthy wants to bring you the good news, if only for his own sanity.

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Auckland could be $8.8 billion better off in 2030, if it installed the circular economy

TV and radio coverage greeted the release of a new SBN report last Thursday. The first of its kind study in NZ found that Auckland could be billions of dollars better off in 12 years' time with much lower carbon emissions if we have shifted to the circular economy.

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6 things you need to know about the circular economy - March 2018

We hosted Andrew Morlet, the head of the world’s leading organisation on the circular economy for a series of events and meetings. Here’s what he had to say....

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CEO of Ellen MacArthur Foundation to visit NZ - Feb 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Andrew Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to visit NZ at the end of February. As well as high level meetings with Business and Politicians Andrew will be giving two public talks in Auckland (27th Feb) and Wellington (1st March).

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New Kokako Organic Coffee Roastery fit-out utilises circular economy principles - feb 2018

The circular economy was a key driver behind the fit out for the new Kokako Organic Coffee roastery. Utilising the principles outlined in the Circular Economy Model Office (CEMO) Guide they have achieved some stunning results.

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Big investment in New Zealand’s circular economy - Dec 2017 

SBN’s work on New Zealand’s transition to a circular economy has received a vital boost. Fuji Xerox, 3R Group and Auckland Council have become Foundation Partners of the newly launched Circular Economy Accelerator.


Circular Economy Award Winners - Dec 2017

Wishbone Design Studio are the winners of the Going Circular Award at the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.


shopping refits, with much less waste - Nov 2017

Bayfair Shopping Centre in Tauranga has boosted its impressive reputation in sustainable business by working to maximise waste diversion when refitting stores 


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Stimulating demand for circular solutions - Oct 2017

James Griffin, Project Lead for our circular economy projects, highlights organisations making circular solutions desirable. This is fundamental if we are to speed up the transition to a more sustainable economy.

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Expert advisory board announced for SBN’s Circular Economy Accelerator - oct 2017

SBN is working to accelerate a more circular New Zealand economy. The project’s newly formed advisory board will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Top 6 learnings from a Circular Economy expedition to the UK - Aug 2017

James Griffin was invited to the 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 Annual Summit in London and grasped the opportunity to connect and learn from world leaders in the mission to transition from a ‘linear’ to a circular economy.

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