james griffin - Circular lead

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James leads the circular economy work for the SBN. He has extensive commercial experience having worked in large corporates and owned his own business. His business sustainability journey started many years ago via the coffee industry where he was involved in Fair Trade. 

His circular economy 'aha' moment came when he first learnt about the practice of ‘built in obsolescence’ as a teenager in a school economics class. “Hold on a minute Sir, companies are doing what?! Surely there has to be some law against that?”    


rachel brown - CEO, Sustainable business network

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The founder of SBN, Rachel is passionate about the role business plays in transforming our economy to a sustainable one. She’s a self-confessed ‘tree hugger’ who firmly believes leadership has to come from business – the engine of change for the better. 

She is committed to the value a circular economy brings to Aotearoa sparking business innovation and opportunities that are global in scale. "Get it right here and we get it right everywhere."





Sustainable Business Network

Who we are

The Sustainable Business Network is New Zealand’s largest and longest-standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business. It includes hundreds of corporates, small and medium-sized businesses, social entrepreneurs and government agencies. They are united by their desire to create change for good.

Our members connect through events, resources and projects to help New Zealand become a more sustainable nation.

How we can help

We connect organisations, enabling you to collaborate on solutions. We inspire our members to succeed through events and sharing your stories. And we help you act through projects, campaigns and expert advice.

Our transformation projects will help you succeed and add value to your organisation. Our main project areas include:

  • Smart Transport
  • Circular Economy
  • Smart Procurement
  • Good Food
  • Million Metres Streams
  • The Now Crowd (young professionals)
  • Sustainable Tourism 

Join us

It’s easy to join our independent network which is open to all organisations actively working to improve their sustainability performance.

For the latest in sustainable business news sign up to our newsletter via our website. Contact us at info@sustainable.org.nz or call us on 09 826 0394.

To find out more visit sustainable.org.nz