Circular Innovation & Colab Programme: Plastic Packaging

Via our systems diagnosis of the plastic packaging sector in NZ we are aware that businesses are moving quickly to address their plastic packaging issues through new innovation and extensive investment. This is happening as a consequence of consumer pressure as well as business drive to take action and show leadership.

However, the issues with plastic packaging in New Zealand are systemic. They will not be solved by any one organisation, or even a single sector.

Creating a circular economy for plastic packaging in NZ requires a ‘whole system’ approach. It needs to include all those involved. It also requires significant innovation to develop viable alternatives to single use plastic packaging.

While our systems diagnosis work will outline the key leverage points and pathways to a circular economy for plastics in NZ, our Circular Innovation & Colab Programme will enable the delivery of those actions.

It will focus on

  • accelerating fundamental packaging redesign and innovation

  • establishing and scaling reuse models

    while contributing to:

  • recycling with radically improved economics & quality

We are calling for businesses who would like to take action and show leadership on plastic packaging to join the Circular Innovation & Colab programme.

For more information and to join the programme please contact: James at or Emma at to find out more.