Ecostock Supplies Ltd

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EcoStock Supplies Ltd takes more than 10 large truckloads a day of pre-consumer food waste and turns it into high-grade food products for animal feed.

Food and beverage manufacturers, importers, processors, retailers, warehousing and transport operators generate food waste as a by-product of their business activities. The food becomes waste when it doesn’t meet standards for human consumption. It may be out-of-date, damaged, surplus, or the result of manufacturing errors.

The company collects food waste from commercial customers’ sites and brings it to its Wiri plant for processing. Most of this food is in multiple layers of packaging. So EcoStock Supplies uses manual and mechanised means to separate the packaging and prevent it from contaminating the stockfeed.

The initiative enables more than 175 New Zealand businesses to divert 30,000 tonnes a year of industrial food waste from being buried in a landfill. Over 2000 tonnes of cardboard, plastic, metal and wood is recycled.

EcoStock Supplies received a Commendation in the Going Circular category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.