Institute for Innovation in Remanufacture & Reuse


The Institute Project is in the concept development phase with AUT and the Circular Economy Advisory Board.

Increasing remanufacture, repair and the reuse of materials opportunities are fundamental to achieving a more circular economy in NZ.

The Institute would bring together business people and academics, working together to address the many technical and systemic challenges around remanufacture, repair or reuse.

How the Institute would work

The process begins with a no-obligation discussion with businesses with an appropriate technical challenge.  The Institute's  network of technical experts will then propose potential options for tackling the challenge. Should the business wish to proceed the Institute will assist in producing funding bids together if required and gather the right combination of skills for the work.

The concept is based on a number of Remanufacturing Institutes around the world.

Immediate next steps

We need to uncover more examples of the types of business problems  the Institute could help solve. If you have an identified opportunity within your organisation around increasing value via remanufacture or the reuse of materials, please let james@sustainable know the details.